My Long Way.....



Oh no .. another blog .. who should just read that .. and yet I sit here and type into the keys as fast as I can.


But let's start at the beginning ... The blog will largely be based on the book 'My Long Way into the Here and Now'.


Albert Einstein's once described the mysteries around us with the remark ... What we see is only the lion's tail ...


Just because we can't see something ... that doesn't mean there is nothing ...

I like to compare with the question ..... Do you have a remote control? ... Everyone confirms this..My following question makes people sit up and take notice ... and.. if a finger comes out of the front ... which then turns on the television? No, it does not come and we take this as completely right. The view of many things in everyday life would have to change if we could not believe in things that we do not see.


For me it started when the electrical devices in my apartment went crazy. I had just endured a very painful loss and now believed I was going crazy, had me sent to rehab and was amazed when the television, an ancient thing turned on ... far from me, suddenly it switched on.


With this blog I would like to sensitize you to a point of view that  you maybe have to get used to. But at some point you will find that it is comforting to get involved in this way of thinking.

With the book 'My long way to the here and now' I tell Rebecka's story in German and English. Enjoy the regular entries, short enough to read before bed at the end of a stressful day.



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