GPS from Heaven


A gift is a task, Käthe Kollwitz's ( a famous painter)  father once said. Is it always that easy? You have to do a task ... you can't just ignore it, push it aside. A task wants to be done and then you ask yourself whether this is the case with every gift.

No, the gift in my family had to be kept 'under the lid'. I am talking about the gift of the second sight.

When my grandmother realized that I had knowledge that was not wanted, I was immediately reprimanded. 'Stop dreaming ... ‘

There was nothing I could do about it, and I understand I wasn't the only one in the family. My mother told me today, mind you, she is 95 years old, how at the age of 16 she knew exactly what was happening to her father at sea, she fell over and smashed the dishes ... stammered the word 'papa' and was taken by the Mother scolded. In retrospect, the family knew that it was the time of their father's death at sea. The ship exploded and sank off the Danish coast.

My mother was visibly touched and told me how painful it had hurt, also because the family didn't want to know about it. The news came from Denmark only after 14 days. Ship sinking on the Danish North Sea coast, no survivors, five dead recovered in the lifeboat. They died of thirst. My grandmother refused to go to the grave in Denmark all her life. She didn't want to keep her Emil dead in memory, but my mother always wanted to look for this grave. For that reason alone, it was important to me to do my mother this favor.

We only knew that the bones had been brought to Nykøbing. The city is located on the island of Falster and has two entrances from the motorway, one south and one north. So we drove from Copenhagen on the first exit, the north entrance. ’Drive right here’, I heard myself say and Tom turned right. 'And now?' He asked. I told him to go to the gas station to ask about a cemetery. It was the time when there was no GPS, so we had to rely on people. The gas station attendant shrugged and pointed to the cemetery south of town. I did not let myself get rid of. My gut feeling has never left me and I knew that grandfather wanted us at the grave. So I instructed Tom to turn left now. It didn't take long until we came to the cemetery on the left. It lay there so peacefully and beautifully that I was surprised that the gas station attendant, less than 200 meters away, did not know this cemetery.

On the one hand Tom was happy, on the other hand he wondered where we should look now. 'We ask the old people in the cemetery, they always know who is where,' was my answer, spoke and ran onto the wide path leading to the chapel. Then my angel, an older lady, came, I called her and asked for information. Tom had to take over, Danish is not mine. Much to our delight, the visitor knew exactly where the German had been buried. She took us there and told us how the bones were brought here back then.

Twenty years later we went to my father's grave with my mother. A moving moment for my mother, but I follow my gut instinct. *


* The gut feeling is the ability to connect with the souls. Grandfather instructed us and we just had to follow. 

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