The lifeplan in my hand


The plans that you make during your vacation can quickly become obsolete. In any case, they thwart my schedule. Often it is a visit to relatives  or as in this case a poster that threw my plans for the day overboard. Actually, there was no other esoteric appointment on my plan. If I had just done a tour to Lily Dale with my sister-in-law, it was impossible for me to ignore this' announcement for the last day of an 'Esoteric fair' . So I went and looked around. Between angel figures and Indian material, stones and sayings, flags and books found their grateful recipients. Nothing attracted me to these stands, although some of the decorations made an interesting extra for a dress. I strolled on and didn't even notice that this was the second time I had stopped in front of a booth. An Indian palm reader offered his help. I hesitated and was about to start the third round when he asked me, if he could see my hand ...turned into two hours.


You know me, there is no quick introduction ... just a quick end. If I had just been to Lily Dale and had got all the answers, I asked myself: What is next ...


It was the confirmations that blew me away and I don't want to withhold one from you. My mother and Rudi married on December 23, 1950. I describe the whole thing in more detail in my book. My mother and Rudi in front of the altar, the pastor in front of them and I stood on my mother's left.


My Indian Guru described this day as the consecration in my life plan in this life. I am the ear of my parents, I later described my job. On that day 71 years ago, I said yes three times in response to the question: Do you Ingeborg Böttcher  ... etc. I leave it up to you to read the whole text 'My long way to the here and now'


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