The video and our life plan..what happends after life

The video and our life plan

Like everyone else, I want to know...I want to know who is responsible for someone's death. Especially if he didn't go voluntarily...or did he? Again and again I have experienced in my own sessions and in sessions of other colleagues who work in the mediumship that the souls do not reveal the perpetrator.

I could hardly accept this, because I think in earthling manner.

This thought, which has been with me for a while, came up again in this video. It kept me busy until I had my very personal satori. please watch this viedeo in order to understand 


We all choose our path in life. On this path, branches are definitely planned. The free choice of how is given, but in the end it is only love that surrounds us. As a child of two worlds, I am very critical of German history. In my long life I have experienced many things that make me realize - it was terrible human suffering that the Nazi regime brought to the world. That's why it still causes me great difficulties when the documentary mentions that even Hitler receives this love. As I said - I think in earthling fashion.

Can I explain that - I'm still working on myself. Only that much:

My mother, who is almost 96 years old, is in a good mood, but due to the current situation she is very attached to her apartment. And so the television and relevant magazines help her to get over a gray everyday life. The topic of conversation that my mother offers me then also extends to the news in this area, while the magazines offer her more interesting moments. Then she tells me what Queen Elisabeth was thinking and what the punishment will be like, because it's the fault of the renegade grandchild that she now has to take the helicopter to the hospital.

All that remains for me is the task of the listener, but sometimes I can't help myself and have to ask the question of all questions: Why are you telling me this? You should be interested in that, too.., she replies. No, that doesn't interest me at all. First of all, it is a fairy tale, sometimes beautiful, sometimes paved with witches. I am interested in my mother's life because it touches me. The stories aren't always entirely honest either, but their age is the excuse for this Cinderella syndrome. Why aren't you interested in that, I ask myself and I answer quite truthfully...: It has nothing to do with my life plan, at most it distracts me from the essentials.

And now to come back to the original thought....it is our life plan that we define in advance. It is to be redeemed on earth in this bone body so that we can grow in the hereafter. The laws there are pure love. Yes, I will accept that, but my earthling robe still has a few stains that need to be addressed. Maybe we can work on it together...because attention creates reality...let's be attentive and work on ourselves with great mindfulness so that we don't bring suffering to ourselves, our loved ones or the whole world.

Yours truely Evelyn

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