A Text Message from Heaven

A Text Message from Heaven - or always think positive


Sometimes I am glad to have written down such a large spiritual outpouring and saved it on the computer. At some point I might need it and then you'll be happy to be able to use it.


But not only the order in the head, but also the order around us is important. And so I set out to buy a bathroom cabinet from this Swedish furniture store. I found what I wanted, pushed the trolley to the shelf to take this part to the checkout ready for transport. But I didn't get that far...this part was so heavy I couldn't possibly lift it off the floor below and put it on the cart. Even the saleswoman who rushed over didn't have enough strength and I left the store snorting.


On the way to my mother in the car... I was swearing like a longshoreman. Arriving there I sat in her kitchen repeating the whole dilemma to my mother in flaming language.


Suddenly I started insulting my husband...my poor dead husband who can't help it anymore...really?

When I turned around and looked at the oven clock for no reason, I saw 11:11...all right...get it. Sorry.. went home..ordered online and on Friday the 13th  the cupboard was delivered... put it up myself... could I do it alone... or did I have help?


I leave it to you to figure out what the numbers 11:11 mean


be good and excuse my Denglish


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