The Fiftiest Golden Wedding Day


We've all dreamed before. Dreams are something quite normal, they are the catalyst that cleans our soul. And then there are the dreams where you wake up and you don't know if you were asleep or if you were awake. Some of you may have experienced this as well. My client, I call her Louise, told me about such a dream.

Louise started her performance by telling me about her trip to Scandinavia. She wanted to meet friends up there, almost at the North Pole, and enjoy the time. Not so easy, because it was May and there was still snow up there. It was still cold. Louise told about her trip, on which she really wanted to rest. Perhaps she also wanted to leave the house because her husband had died and the apartment seemed empty. A trip, she said, would be just the thing to visit her friends.


Louise continued: "I woke up one morning not sure if I was asleep or awake. It was our 50th wedding anniversary, I had forgotten this day with all the travel preparations. For my husband it was an important day that we have never missed in the past. My husband has always made sure that we celebrate our wedding anniversary together.


 As I sat on the edge of the bed and wondered, I remembered sleeping facing my husband. I noticed that he was not bald. His hair was full and dark like it was until his 40's. I realized it was our golden wedding anniversary and we just had to celebrate it together. When I woke up there was nothing left and I wondered if I had gone insane. The dream was so real that I marveled at the space I was in.


I can calm Louise down. She hasn't gone insane. It is a greeting from her husband, who has contacted her on this day, which is so important for him. I'm not dead, I'm just somewhere else, thinking about our day together, repeated for the 50th time.



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