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The Fiftiest Golden Wedding Day
Blog in English · 13. Juni 2022
We've all dreamed before. Dreams are something quite normal, they are the catalyst that cleans our soul. And then there are the dreams where you wake up and you don't know if you were asleep or if you were awake. Some of you may have experienced this as well. My client, I call her Louise, told me about such a dream.

A Text Message from Heaven
Blog in English · 23. April 2022
About Angel Numbers and the Meaning 11:11. Sometimes messages reach us from the other side and they show numbers. I've been seeing the numbers 11:11 a lot lately. Is that supposed to remind me of something? Is it an angel 'pushing' me?

If it were Jesus..what then?
Blog in English · 11. März 2022
Would you give if it was Jesus? Why wouldn't you if not. Did you ever ask yourself what Jesus would say? Don't forget, the person in front has a story more

The video and our life plan..what happends after life
Blog in English · 01. Februar 2022
The video and our life plan Like everyone else, I want to know...I want to know who is responsible for someone's death. Especially if he didn't go voluntarily...or did he? Again and again I have experienced in my own sessions and in sessions of other colleagues who work in the mediumship that the souls do not reveal the perpetrator. I could hardly accept this, because I think in earthling manner. This thought, which has been with me for a while, came up again in this video. It kept me busy...

The lifeplan in my hand
Blog in English · 23. Dezember 2021
To find out about your life plan it sometimes needs others to help you . I am your ear I always said to my parents

GPS from Heaven
Blog in English · 18. Oktober 2021
A gift is a task, Käthe Kollwitz's ( a famous painter) father once said. Is it always that easy? You have to do a task ... you can't just ignore it, push it aside.

Blog in English · 26. Mai 2021
With this blog I would like to sensitize you to a point of view that you maybe have to get used to. But at some point you will find that it is comforting to get involved in this way of thinking.

Blog in English · 25. Mai 2021
Near death experiences of a patient by Dr. Rudy an American heart surgeon on YouTube
When the souls leave..
Blog in English · 25. Mai 2021
'When my mother died,' he began, 'we children all stood in her room and wanted to be with her. My therapist started to tell me the story...his story.... It wasn't easy for my mother to go, which is one of the reasons why I noticed how her initial struggle was turning more and more into relaxation.

Funeral Service with Surprise
Blog in English · 12. Mai 2021
I have lived in a deaf community all my life. At first I grew up with them, and later I worked for as a sign language interpreter for them. I am very familiar with her signs, their way of getting attention. When my hearing friends meet, it is a chicken farm that is talking. Cackling, laughter , they can create an exuberant atmosphere.

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