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Meditation, The Way To Yourself


Different Ways Of Meditation




Mindfulness - No Way Is As Far As The Here and Now


Healing Energy For Soso


Mindful Of What We Say and Think




What Has a Finger and Deafness To Do With Each Other?


Thought Hygiene - A Magic Word?




Meditation On a Timeline


Pictures From The Future


Pictures From The Past


Goals Of Meditation Seen Humorous





 Meditation, the Way to Yourself


What does meditation mean? The reference book says: Thinking, reflecting. Does that empty the head? Am I not supposed to empty my head? It's not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of discipline and release, and then the listening starts.


Prayer is when you speak to God, meditation is when you listen to God.


* Diana Robinson


I confess: letting go was, and is the most difficult part of meditation for me. The formula is simple; Nothing else than what you just want to do, you do. When you cook, then you cook, when you brush your teeth, then you focus only on your teeth and on the brushing. When you go, you go, and concentrate on nothing else. Not easy; we like to go through the last unpleasant conversation with our colleagues when cleaning vegetables and cook this wonderful food with all the annoyance of the day, which we then repeated while cleaning vegetables.


To bring that feeling of emptiness into my head during meditation, I practice as often as I can. In my active horse riding time, I noticed that I could reach this condition only on a horseback. I quickly realized that it would certainly work in other situations, if only I could bring that focus on one thing into everyday life. A good exercise program is the mindfulness exercise. Before doing this daily exercise, I walked past a tree in the park for decades without seeing its beauty. The tree had a heart at its foot, about a foot above the turf. This heart was certainly always there, but I only saw it when I focused on walking while I was walking. The sun was shining on it, this wonderful whim of nature, and made it even brighter. I assure you, you will see things that you have never noticed before.


Over the years, my meditation technique has changed several times. It is based on the growing experience and required a move on. Once you are able to endure the void, a window will open for you. It will raise many questions and that's what makes your soul grow by looking for the answer.


To recognize yourself, you have to get lost, a wise master once said. Your path can be like mine that took me 40 years, or you let go and start the learning process by daily meditating.


Going into trance pictures could come up. As I said; it can happen. Meditations can also be pure relaxation. However, if you see pictures they could be


        from the subconscious


        from the future


        from the past


You will find your own preferred technique, just start and see what your way could be. Maybe you like a guided meditation from a CD. It helps to settle down through mantras or meditation music.


Something strange happened to me during one of these meditations: I am sitting meditating, when a picture in my third eye came up: someone stands opposite of me and gives me healing energy, everything is green. My whole upper body shakes. The dog was nestled against my body during the meditation and as my body starts to shake the dog moved away and watched me from a distance for the rest of the meditation.


Did I feel a strong shaking? Was it just in my mind, but why did the dog move away? And who gave me healing energy?


Sometimes I experience a color meditation. In one of these sessions, a supernatural golden-yellow light came to me and stayed. I did not want to go back, feeling it as long as possible, until I finally had to go back.


I assure you, not all meditations are spectacular. Most are easy relaxation, and exercise, you must not stop practicing again and again.


In ZEN, it is called sitting and that is what it is, a constant sitting, until enlightenment comes.


I will take the train of enlightenment, said the man to his wife. And so he waited at the station for the train of enlightenment. Hour after hour, day after day he waited for his enlightenment; he used the time with meditation. And as he sat there, other people became aware of him. 'A saint is sitting at the station,' said the people. Why does he do this? ' 'He is waiting for the train of enlightenment', they answered. The people came and also wanted to be enlightened. They meditated and waited, bringing their children with them and sitting on the platform. Disturbed by the loud bustle, he took care of the little ones and paid attention to the meditators. The trains came and drove on. Our friend had little time to take care of himself, he paid attention to the colorful company. Then he heard the pipes and stamps of the locomotives and before he knew he realized he was already on the train of enlightenment.


It was a sunny summer day, half a year after my husband had passed.


Contrary to my normal practice, I had sat down on the sofa for meditation, was far away and woke up from a noise. My eyes fell on the open patio door, and my thought was, 'Better you shut them up', when my husband Tom came into the room like a hologram from the garden through the kitchen. He smiled at me and I was surprised that he was wearing his red winter jacket.


When I woke up to my heart beating furiously I thought there was  a problem with my heart. I could not imagine the reason why it was beating so hard. The vibrations from the hereafter, I learned later, are many times higher than ours. Another sign that I had a visit from beyond was the smell. Tom’s odor was in the room for a long time.


For over forty years, I have been practicing meditation. Over time, I learned to differentiate between the pictures. It is not necessary to panic, I could not meditate every day, only when there was time or again a problem was coming up. The downside of such negligence is that you always have to start all over again, and over time, sitting on the meditation cushion becomes tormenting.


Why I did not meditate continuously was that I did not want to or could not face the tasks. Until a flash thought told me: The expert is in you, you just have to find your Master inside of you. I was so naive to think that I'm doing my Reiki master and teacher and then everything is fine. Meditation is to look into your own face accepting what you see. For a long time, I knew that I could only see my feet, my stomach and maybe a few other parts of my body. Everything else was just what summit I saw in the mirror. This realization came to me during a walking meditation with six kilos of photographic equipment on the way to the 3718 meter high summit of the Teide on Tenerife Island in Spain.


You do not need to climb the summit, there is really no need to do spectacular things. Be yourself and stay true to yourself, and act according to the phrase 'practice creates masters'.




Different Ways of Meditation - Attentiveness


A Christian, a Buddhist and a Hindu drive out onto a fishing lake. After five minutes, the Hindu has no longer fishing baits - he burns out three incense sticks, murmurs a prayer to Shiva, gets out of the boat, and runs across the water . Gets the worms and comes back.


Ten minutes later, the Buddhist has no bait left. He meditates for a while, speaks 'O mani padme hum', gets out of the boat, runs across the water, gets the worms and comes back.


Half an hour later, the Christian has no worms left. He asks: 'Colleagues, how do you do that with this over the water ...?' 'Well, like Jesus', the Hindu answers: 'Pray, believe in it, and that's it!'


The Christian prays three Lord's prayer, three Ave-Maria, makes a cross, gets out of the boat, makes two steps - and blubb, away he is .... The Buddhist says to the Hindu: 'Prayer is good, believing is better - even better to know where the stones are is the best.


At this point I would like to share some examples from my therapy work:


Before I start to work with a patient, I talk to him or her about the subject we are working on. Quite often, a problem is processed during meditation that is much more important for the subconscious mind as he/she was originally wanting to deal with.


For example, my subconscious mind would show me a problem to work on. The solution lies in the answer, it is the picture you see during meditation.


Maybe the person has a daring game of love in mind. Despite all the advice, the person moves on toward the catastrophe.


Presumably they know what that dream says, but it seems so crazy to them that sometimes they do not know what that means.


Once we have learned to see how consciousness works, it provides a foundation for our coming mindset, because the subconscious mind speaks in pictures and not in words. One day my client asked me to give her some more time before she wanted to tell me about her picture. 'I have no idea what that means', she said. In meditation, I saw a picture that worried me a lot. I hung over a bright precipice and tried to pick strawberries on the steep wall.


Congratulations, your subconscious has spoken. On the one hand, I was glad about what she had experienced. It showed me she was on the right track. On the other hand, I knew she was in an inner conflict with her new relationship. The strawberries stand for passion and the abyss? It explains itself. In psychology, we speak of catathymic image experience when we see images from the subconscious. This is, so to speak, the big cleanup on the hard disk. If at some point they have coped with most of the cleaning, then these pictures are created in meditation.

It can also be pictures from the past and in the future. But stop! Do not forget to write those pictures down in a book.

These stories might seem strange, but soon you will learn to find the solution.


If you have a problem, try to solve it. If you cannot solve it, then do not make it a problem.







Mindfulness - No Way is as Far as the Here and Now


Most people want to live as intensively as possible. How to do that? Many ask themselves that, and you are probably nodding too. It's actually as simple as the life you chose.


If you want to live intensely and fulfilled, then you only have to be in the here and now. Not easy, you think? That's right, because in our fast-paced times, pausing has become rare. We tend to sink into unimportance rather than dealing with ourselves. But meditation requires attention with oneself.


My path to meditation was through yoga. In the 1970s, it was more of a hippie outgrowth than taking the whole thing seriously. My husband and I started with Hatha Yoga which means among other things strength and persistence. This form of yoga aims to promote the balance between body and mind through breathing and physical exercises. Hatha Yoga is the introductory yoga for meditation and also for other types of yoga. I did not care what people thought, I went my own way and bent myself with yoga. We also learned special massage techniques. My husband practiced massaging my buttocks, this was to prevent a lumbago. For me it was the opposite, for weeks I crawled up the stairs to my office. It took a while for the muscle to calm down again. Maybe that was the reason that I had to do yoga by myself. My better half said it was better that way. He said too many 'What if's' and what else could happen. He started studies of fly fishing, which is also a kind of meditation.


I will certainly not urge you to go to yoga. If you want to formulate a goal, yoga is a good way to get started. Meditation and mindfulness are two facts that do not work without each other. In yoga, you learn this through your breathing, controlling it is the first requirement. I breathe in, I breathe out seems banal, but it is a basic building block on the way to meditation.


Ninety percent of clients in my hypnosis office cannot let go and don't go into a trance. Therefore, I advise, first of all, in a guided meditation to focus on the breath. It then quickly becomes clear who really wants to grow.


The goals they set themselves can be as different as life itself. Some people seek relaxation in meditation while others seek enlightenment. Meditation is in both directions and everything in between is good.


A client of mine kept falling for the same guy. She wondered why this always happened to her. It reminded me a little of the insects that keep tapping into the sundew, a carnivorous plant, though generations of insects should have learned to avoid the plant.


To see oneself as a victim and not to work on the problem means only to go back into the old trap. Thus, the focus is first on the cause of failure and how it could come to these recurrent mistakes. With the gentleness of a meditation, the client goes the right way, and looks first at the things as they are, and not as you want to see them in your anger or the pain. Don't worry, the subconscious mind only goes as far as you can stand it at the moment.




Healing Energy for Soso


My dog was ill, had eaten something and that was causing his stomach trouble. The poor soul was a little whiny the next morning. I decided to go into a trance and energize my darling, lifting him onto the sofa. He curled up next to me. Everything went according to plan, he is at the moment eight months old and has been with me for fifteen weeks. I started the meditation and asked my spiritual helper, 'Can you work with me?' no answer, but the dog suddenly sits on my head.

I should have known, you are my hero, my spiritual helper.




Mindful of What we Say and Think


If you practice mindfulness you are not only to pay attention to the stumbling blocks, but especially to what we say and think. What if all the words ever said and thought of us, were someday put to you for responsibility.


Would we be more careful in dealing with us, our language and our thoughts? I do not know how you think about it, but one thing I know is that you will be held accountable. Remember what you were taught as a child - St. Peter is standing with the big book at Heaven's Gate. The poor guy would have a lot to do, he would have to write down everything. No Heaven has a better way; The 'payroll' thing is in the hour of our death. (see Aura layers)


Try once a day to do the following exercises. I can assure you that it will definitely do you good.


Draw your attention to the spoken and the imaginary words for a whole day. Question what's going on in your mind right now and remember: For almost a year, I always wanted to avoid meeting one person. I found it almost painful to meet him. My thought: I would not be surprised if I had to see him again.


What do you think happened? As soon as I understood what I was doing wrong, the spit was over. It can also happen the other way around.


In my theater, the restaurant was robbed. A wild jumble awaited me and we tried to get rid of the mess as soon as possible. In the entrance area was a cigarette machine that was turned upside down and we waited for the removal.


During the theatrical break we had to serve despite the clutter. The guests had only fifteen minutes to buy a drink.


If you've ever tried to get something during the break, then you know what I'm talking about. In the middle of the tangle, a young woman came to the counter and demanded her money, which she had thrown into the broken cigarette machine. During break, you have to be quick to serve all and it slipped out of me: 'How can you be so stupid, can't you see that the machine is broken?' At the same moment I was ashamed of my outburst, but the woman had already left.


When I prepared for my meditation at home in the late evening, I noticed that I had never seen this woman at my restaurant. She had an oversized blood stain on her left side of her face, I would have recognized her. Deeply affected by my negative reaction, I went into meditation and asked for correction. Days later, again at break, this young woman came up to me and we both spoke out of our mouths apologetically. It was not just the apology, we suddenly had the same chemistry, the feeling of knowing each other. I have to say at this point that I suffer from a face blindness as longest I can think.


As long as my husband was by my side everything was fine, I could rely on him. It takes a long time until I've memorized a face.






1985 was a year in which I made a a giant step forward. I came from the snowy Bavarian Forest back into civilization. There I had participated in a twelve-day self-discovery course. In these fourteen days we were led into our birth, in between there were days of meditation, fasting and spiritual and physical cleansing.


On my way home I realized that it was a journey into my past. I worked up an old trauma. The trauma that I thought I did not remember had caught up with me. On one of these meditation days, a volunteer was needed for the demonstration. 'Who fainted once before' was the question when we started working in the morning. Courageously, I went forward and what came then was beneficial for me, although I would not repeat it. I was led back to the moment of fainting. What do you see, what do you smell, what do you taste, what do you hear, asked the therapist. And then suddenly I was not in the doctor's office, in which I had fainted, but in an attempted rape when I was 14 years old.


So in this doctor's office I had fainted with my twenty-eight years because I had once stored such an experience in my soul? I was in good hands, thank heaven. Psychologists, a non-medical practitioner and several assistants were present to master and help such situations. I do not want to talk about the type of therapy, I want to make it visible that we cannot avoid our trauma. It's saved and that's it. But we can decide if this trauma can harm us or if we can face it and make it smaller, in the best case to dissolve everything.


On the way home, all these thoughts went through my mind and suddenly I realized that everything we've ever experienced, said, thought or done is stored. At that time, I thought it was stored on the cells of my body, today I know it is stored in my aura.


Thinking further, I realized that fourteen years later, I became a trigger (same stimuli) and I fainted. How can that be and what can a trauma, an experience still do?


I urge you to seek for help if you fainted for no reason.




What Has a Finger and Deafness to do With Each Other?


My grandmother was pregnant with her second child and my mother was three when the little family went to Ihmel's Park on a sunny day, a destination in Bremerhaven. The ladies could sit in the cafe garden with cake and let it go well. There were cages of monkeys, and my mother Inge played between those cages, watching the people offering food to the animals.


Inge, my mother told me later that she found this funny and wanted to try it once. She offered her finger to the monkey. He gratefully took her right index finger off the first dome and disappeared.


My mother was in shock and ran to the adults, who started screaming. It became a loud mess that my mother could not describe later, except the moment when my grandmother cried so terribly loud and everything around her then took part in this shouting. Three months later my mother was ill with a meningitis and became deaf.


On my way home from Rettenbach where I had a management training, I was looking forward to asking my mother the decisive question immediately after arrival. I had to find out if there was a connection between her numbness and the bitten finger. At this seminar one of the classes was about if diseases have something to do with what we think.


My question to my mother: What do you remember and why? My mother answered spontaneously: 'I did not know what had happened'. It was the people who reacted so excited. And everyone screamed that I thought: 'I want to hear nothing more.'




Thought Hygiene - A Magic Word?


Our energy always follows the attention. What should a three-year-old girl do? The importance of our role as educator and role model becomes apparent in this case. I do not want to say that this would not have happened and my mother could still hear. I just want to show what happens to our thoughts, if we let it happen.


We live in a culture where distraction is the order of the day. We are struggling to be careful.


It's about always keeping an eye on everything. The video for You tube, The story for Facebook. Everyone should share in my happiness. Why are we doing this? I want to be in the here and now, be mindful. I am not interested in things to share or to catalog things.


Now, how do I realize that I have arrived in the moment? I can offer you my point of view. But be aware!


It is my subjective reality, it can be very different but still important to you.


We all make decisions and do not consider the impact. This may be the sneaky sound of the cashier at the supermarket checkout, it may be the honking at the traffic light or even the judging on my fellow human beings.


Let's take a moment and ask ourselves: Is it worth it? Because it will be forgotten it the next moment. What reactions can I expect?


As soon as I am in the here and now, all possibilities open up and I quickly realize which way is the right one for me.


My advice as a wise woman: Whatever you have in mind, stop for a moment and consider the consequences. This will help them to make the right decision.






Meditation on a Timeline


Pictures From the Future


Perceptions of the future are not recognizable at first.


My example: I meditate on Sunday morning and see myself in my vision, the usual Sunday walk on the dike promenade. I found myself in my favorite café, sat down at the window and ordered myself something to eat. I see in my vision a man approaching me, he speaks to me. I do not react and he gets loud and rude. I ask the waiter to help me, he throws the man out of the bar.


After I came out of my meditation, I decided to walk, just as always to prove, it was only a picture in meditation, I persuaded myself.


On the way, I'm thinking about maybe visiting another restaurant, then I defiantly continue on my way and land in front of the usual restaurant. The place at the window is occupied, a good omen, I am thinking. And then what comes next, my vision is almost to the point. My waiter is not there, but the female waitress takes over his part from premonition. A man, drunk, bothers me in the worst way, the girl throws him out.


In one of my meditations I can see through the ceiling up to the sky and wonder why. I regret that the room no longer has a ceiling and immediately wake up from my meditation. At this point I think it is something from the past that I am seeing, because Bremerhaven was bombed so hard in 1944 that phosphor bombs from the roof went through the ceilings and destroyed the house.


I stop my thoughts at this point. There are more important things to do. My trip to Buffalo is coming up and have to take care of my suitcase. To make things a little easier for me, I always pack my bags on the guest bed, as this time. Then my family calls me and lets me know that it has snowed once again and I have to adjust to winter clothes. Well, hello, I think and take the suitcase to the bedroom so as not to have to go back and forth. There I sort out the things that I'm sure I will not use and look for suitable things for the colder days.


The next day I have another patient in the office and so I prepare everything to be complete in the morning. The morning is like any day.  It's 8:30 when I suddenly hear a big bang, as if someone had driven into my office. My careful look makes my blood freeze in the veins, the ceiling has fallen down.




Meditation on a Timeline


Pictures From the Past


I have made two reincarnation returns into previous lives. One took place in the Middle Ages. I saw myself as a woman among other things in the forest picking herbs. I carried the collected of herbs in my skirt, the hem of which was fastened at the waist so the herbs could be transported well.


In my meditation much later, I see myself driving through a village with someone. Wherein? Seems to be a car, but the roads are curvy and uneven. There are actually only two grooves where obviously go carts go. But the ride is like floating over the path. All the houses are thatched and beautiful. I do not remember people, everything seems to be peaceful.


The second reincarnation: I am a man in a city like New York around 1910-1930. I am in a room as a man sitting at a kitchen table in a barren kitchen. The window is open, it is hot and the noise of the street is audible. I look down at myself and see an undershirt, trousers held by suspenders. I feel an infinite sense of loneliness.


In another meditation, I see myself in a place like the US, maybe New York. I stand in a position from which I can watch the roadside very well. People bustle on the sidewalk and cars rarely drive by. When I look down on myself, I realize that I am a man.


These two returns and the pictures seen during my meditation belong together. In both perceptions and reincarnations, the feeling of loneliness is a central theme. Anyone who knows me knows that I consider this alone as 'all being'. Nevertheless, it can be found now and then with me. Until the time I sat with Kathleen in Lily Dale and suddenly realized that it was not being alone but a certain emptiness. Kathleen said, "You have filled this void for many lifetimes, you try to release it by retreating to solitude. And now you are doing the same thing. 'She was right, there were moments in my life, I would have liked to go to a monastery. And then Kathleen continued, 'You could live in a monastery like that'. I realized at that moment that my life plan would not be fulfilled if I retire. Healers serve humans, they do not close themselves.


In one of my meditations, I see a teacher step through the classroom. From table to table looking the children in the face, I move through the room. Suddenly I stop and look myself in the face. It's my school day and I, little Evelyn, think about why the others have such big sugar packets. For the first time in my life, I feel envy.


I did not think I knew any jealousy, and yet I knew that feeling was bothering me today. Due to a disease, I was temporarily hindered in walking tremendously and looked after people who rushed past me quickly.


My recipe: Reflect the law of attraction. What do I think? What do I want?




Goals of Meditation Seen Humorous


Two old friends meet again: Hello, how are you? Said the first one.

,Good thank you. It's the same as always. 'he answered.


,And how is your son? Is he still unemployed? '

,Yes, unfortunately. But he meditates now. '

'Meditate, what is that?'


'I'm not sure, but he says it's better than just sitting around and doing nothing.'