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The Aura


Aura Layers From the Inside Out


Five Plus Three Senses


The Way is Not in Heaven,


It is in the Heart






The Aura


There I was in the recovery room, after my meniscus surgery, and I did not dare to move. I had phenomenal images in my head that I wanted to experience for a long while. What happened? My years, even decades of meditation and yoga have never let me see my chakras.


Root chakra/ red


Sacral chakra/ orange


Solar plexus/ yellow


Heart chakra/ green


Throat chakra/  blue


Third eye deep/ blue-purple


Crown chakra/ violet



These were the colors that I saw. I had to enjoy it. They pulsed at a reasonable pace like a whirlwind away from me, it was so beautiful that I behaved like a quiet little mouse.


The nurse came to see me several times,


controlling the equipment, but I was absolutely silent. That's what I've been meditating for the last thirty years, and now I'm experiencing it after surgery, who would behave differently? At some point I had to move on, otherwise they would probably have tried to revive me. And so I decided, as soon as I'm back on my feet, I'll change my meditation practice and focus on those whirls.


Explanation: Chakras are vertebrae that come out of the body into the subtle body, called aura. The aura contains all the information of our present life and all life lived before.


I remembered that my cousin had told me that her son got a migraine one day. He had to be picked up from school and told his mother that he no longer sees anyone in his familiar form. Everyone had a kind of rainbow around them. My cousin knew that Chad had an aura migraine. I continued to research and learned that people could suddenly see the aura after a head trauma.


You do not have to worry that only people experiencing this disaster can see the aura. You too can see the aura, maybe it will take some time for this to happen, but it works. This statement made me think happy and then skeptical. I could try as hard as I wanted, I almost never saw anything and just wanted to give it up.


I started training with Bettina Suvi Rode. A Satori is a fundamental, indeed universal, insight that the practitioner develops in mediation. There she was, the aura. At first, only in the first layer on the body. I was excited. Now I knew what to look for and started my practice time.


You too can see this wonderful experience, I'll give you a few tips.


You need a room with a white wall. The room should not be bright, better if the light is slightly darkened. Put your subject about one foot off the wall. Make sure that no window can change the light. You position yourself a maximum of thirteen feet away. Start looking. Swing your client back and forth like a tree in the wind. No storm, that would be funny, but would not help  you. And now, if you are wearing glasses, take them off and look at the person's head and shoulders against the wall without focusing, like looking through the person. Instruct your subject to take a few deep breaths, preferably with a duration of about two seconds between inhaling and exhaling. The exhalation is a bit shorter than the inhalation. I ask my clients to think two letters, which is about two seconds. Inhale, a; b, exhale. It may take a few times for you to see something, but then comes that bright shadow, which is not a shadow, practitioners sometimes even see it in colors. These colors correspond to the emotional world in which the client is located.


It took me some time to practice until I was able to see colors. One day I was sitting in a meeting. One of those boring ones where you sit and wonder what you could have achieved in the wasted time. So I sat there and got bored. These are moments when I begin to look for the Aura of sedentary people. Well, I do not always find the Aura, because the background plays a role. Here I had a white wall and a number of honorable people who wanted to tell me something about an annual report and future activities. My thoughts started to wander far away. I wondered how such a high-ranking politician, who had been in the German public for decades, still found no way to make an interesting speech. In this process I caught the search for the Aura of one person. I found none. Everyone has an Aura, where is his? My interest was in the person sitting next to him and their Aura was not visible either. I was horrified, already believed my skills were minimal if worth mentioning. Then a young scientist got up and moved to the lectern. I followed her walk, fixed my eyes on her outline, and did not believe my eyes. For the first time, I experienced an Aura that I have not seen before. The whole environment, like an egg, like a cocoon, was wrapped in a pink tone that intrigued me to follow her remarks. With her speech and the content, the aura changed in size and shape. If I had not been surrounded by such important people, I could have cried like a little child, but I did not dare.


Conclusion: If you want to see an Aura, you have to go on boring sessions.




The Aura is connected to the seven main chakras whose vortices flow into the Aura.

The human Aura is an energy that characterizes every human being.


Every human being has an individual Aura that permeates and surrounds the physical body. The Aura can be perceived in a state of heightened sensory perception. It differs from person to person through form, structure, content and color. The appearance of the Aura is not accidental, but determined by the soul feeling,  the current state of development and the current state of mind.




Aura Layers From the Inside Out


Etheric body


            Blueprint of the material body


Emotional body


            Stores all emotions


Mental body


            Thought plane - everything ever thought is stored here


Astral body


            Love for all beings


Ethereal body


            Storage of the personal life plan


Heavenly body


            Deep feelings like love, bliss


Ketheric body or causal body


            Connects the light body with rainbow ribbons


Soul Star


            Connection to the soul level





Five Plus Three Senses


My husband was a passionate fisherman and always tried to follow the sometimes dubious way of his fishing fun. During his illness, we took every opportunity to drive to our son in Malmo Sweden. He lived there on the small peninsula Limhamn Malmö upstream. Surrounded by water there were a lot of opportunities to fish, many took advantage of this unique location and stood around the northern part of the island. My husband Tom, took this opportunity after each chemotherapy to gain distance from this emotionally very stressful time.


In Bremerhaven, Tom had a hook made by the boys, one that could easily have carried a pig. This part he attached to a pole. He wanted to exclude that a Flounder fish, as big as a toilet lid (O-sound Tom) would jump off his rod again. Despite his weakness, he insisted on fishing in cold weather. I expressed my concerns, which Tom then pushed away with the sentence: 'I will go to the pier with Jan's car and stay in the car. What should I have against it?  It was important to see my husband happy and that was definitely by going fishing.


So I drove a little worried to Ikea, a small drive by car of about 15 minutes. I went through the portal as a thought shot through me: 'Immediately home'. My pace was not adequate, my speed was too dangerous. I hurried up the stairs to the second floor and could not close the door fast enough. There was my husband in the hallway. His muscles were completely out of control. He could not get up again. What happened? Was it my sixth sense that told me? Were his prayers heard?


The Five Senses












More feelings/ senses


Intuition - direct knowledge


The ability to perceive one's own and other's feelings


Perception of love


I came from a concert in church. It was an impressive organ concert, still very much inspired by the music I would have liked to go with friends to sit and talk before going home. But this feeling did not let me go and so I walked at a quick pace the way home knowing that something happened.


When I came to the apartment, I smelled a cable fire. When I turned on the light to my office, a big bang burned the lamp. The dimmer in the office had started to burn. How can that be? Should not the emergency switch jump out?


This also belongs to the realm of intuition.




The Way is Not In Heaven,....It is in the Heart


On one of the weekends in Essen, our topic was Healing. I was already looking forward to this module, because I had long since decided to intensify my work as a healer and to expand it further. One building block of this lesson was the Aura, every book was mine and many times I could not decide if I should work on the modules for food or rather tackle my new topic Aura.


When we drove from north Germany to Essen three of us had to drive over A1, a very busy freeway with lots of construction. This freeway was long, and made it particularly uncomfortable on Fridays. I usually left at 11am to check in at the hotel and relax a bit before class started. Many of us had an even longer path that was certainly just as difficult, some had to work before and could not go earlier. And yet, most of them managed to be at the seminar at 6pm. The parking in the area was scarce and that was one reason why I liked to park my car in the hotel downstairs in the garage and then walk to the seminar venue. The air did well after the long drive, I went through all the seasons and enjoyed the walk.


When I arrived this Friday, the seminar room was already filled. At the beginning there was always a meditation. Our first task was to find a partner and then start working. I did not have a partner and wondered what would happen. The door opened and Erika arrived completely desperate from the car trip. It must have been a cruel ride, because Erika took some time to recover.


I had just begun to train seeing the Aura and my exercises were still in the 'beginner' area. Every possibility to practice this technique was taken by me. I could not wait and was looking forward to see Erika's Aura.


Now I have to report that Erika is not the person who accepts everything positively. She is the person who first denies everything and does not let anyone approach her. Often we had previously heard from her in the training courses 'I have not seen or felt anything, what should be there?'.


'Erika, do you need a few more minutes?'. Yes she needed them and I let her and looked at Aura. But where was it? After some time of looking, I noticed a dark streak close to her body. That was not the Aura I saw? Or was it?. 'Take a deep breath,' I asked, 'and then you exhale, taking a little longer than inhaling'. I asked Erika to do it three more times, which she did nicely, and  immediately her Aura changed. As soon as she had finished her breathing, the Aura expanded by a few inches. Not like many of my subjects, but the Aura is as individual as a person's fingerprint. So I was not surprised, because when a person is stressed, the Aura does exactly what I call introvert, it contracts.


'Erika,' I begged her, 'please stretch your arms and hands forward, hands open to the top'. Now we could start with the healing meditation. I put my hands on hers and felt the pulse of Erika. At the same time, I started to transport healing energy. That may sound completely inappropriate, but it is nothing but a transport. The energy does not come from me, it is divine energy that I can pass on. During that time, I kept looking at Erika's Aura and did not believe my eyes. Erika's Aura grew brighter and farther, I would even say she became smoother. And then something came that I did not expect. Erika looked at me and said, 'You know how I kept saying' I feel nothing '. But now I feel energy that goes into my body '.


What more can I expect? I was extremely happy because Erika had felt it and I had seen it.


Our Aura always shows what we are feeling right now. It reflects our thoughts and feelings. These in turn decide if I'm in a healthy body.


Conclusion: Our good thoughts help us have a healthy, positive body, to be a healthy person.