Evelyn Sjövall ran two restaurants in Bremerhaven and Bad Bederkesa before working as a communications lecturer. She made her first steps as a writer in 1979 with a book on the history of a street named 'Kaiserstrasse, eine Straße erzählt '.

The second book was published twelve years later, a chronicle of Weddewarden and Imsum*, 'Wat wye gedan ..' in community with seven other authors under the guidance of the author Johann Tammen, published in the NWVerlag für neue Wissenschaft, Bremerhaven.

Book No3 'Kulissengeflüster  is about the whispering behind the curtain at a theater.

Book No4  Life plan from the Beyond 7/2023 German Lebensplan aus dem Jenseits 7/2023 both Amazon Kindle Ebook direct link

** ‘Kaiserstrasse, eine Straße erzählt’, was published in 1979 by Nordwestdeutsche Verlag, the successor to Ditzen Verlags GmbH, and tells about a street after World War II.

 *small village near Bremerhaven

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